The organisation committee of the Holland Cup consists of three main persons, but besides these three, many volunteers from Sportschool Tim Kool play a prominent rol. Without these, the tournament would never exist. Below, we will introduce the organisation committee and several important volunteers.

Organisation committee

Tim Kool (V)
Tim has been practising Taekwon-Do for 24 years, and is the owner of Sportschool Tim Kool. Tim in the end has the main responsibility for governing and handling all the decisions made by the committee, after careful consideration and deliberation.

Corine Kool (III)
Corine has been practising Taekwon-Do for 15 years, and is Tim’s sister. Corine has a natural talent for organisation, and therefore her main task within the committee is administration. Next to this, she governs all contacts with competing clubs and countries.

Rory de Vries (V)
Rory has been practising Taekwon-Do for 15 years as well. Rory has a lot of experience going to international tournaments and his main task is to give his experienced opinion on the organisation of the tournament. Next to this he is responsible for graphical design, umpires and translation of all correspondence.

Of course there are many more volunteers, who are very important for us to be able to organise our tournament, so we regret not being able to mention them all. We just want to use this opportunity to extend our thanks to all of them!